Interop and conformance testing for implementations of RFC3080/3081 - BEEP

Quick Start

BEEP library developers should:
  1. Email the beepbuilders list to say you are participating.
  2. Read the interop test descriptions
  3. Implement the interop tests
  4. Run the interop tests against other implementations (whose test code should be checked in to CVS)
  5. Report results to beepbuilders list here (we'll converge on standard reporting template) - the results page will be updated (initially by hand, but hopefully there will be some automated process put in place).
  6. Run conformance tests against your beep library (this may require some basic implementation of conformance code on your part)
See the Sourceforge Page for more info.


The initial set of interop and conformance (Round 1) should be finalized soon (November 2002). Then, hopefully, BEEP library implementers will start implenting the tests for their libraries. Library implementers can start now.


There are no results yet. See the schedule above.

Gabe Wachob